Quality control

VDL GL Precision has a state-of-the-art measuring room in which twelve measurement technicians perform various measurements, including production measurements, interim checks, final checks and qualifications.

The measuring equipment includes:

  • Nine 3D measuring machines
  • Optical measuring equipment
  • CNC roundness measuring machine
  • CNC profiler
  • Various hand-held measuring tools and hardness testers 

Thanks to our measuring room, the people and the equipment, we are able to guarantee the ‘quality of conformance’ we provide our customers.

Quality assurance starts in the process, during production. There, too, VDL GL Precision has all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment, including five 3D measuring machines. This equipment facilitates a high level of in-process control.

Most of our products are delivered with a measurement protocol and certificate of conformance.