Mission & Vision

VDL GL Precision strives to achieve a leading position in the subcontracting industry for high quality precision mechanical systems and components and does this by:


High quality level is the cornerstone of our customers' satisfaction.

This is why we set high standards for our products, processes, facilities and equipment, our craftsmanship and our relationships with suppliers (world class). The historical strength of VDL GL Precision lies in the high degree of craftsmanship and high level of investment (state-of-the-art buildings and equipment). However, high quality is only complete when the high level of knowledge and skill is firmly established in processes.

To create maximum value we offer our customers one-stop shopping.

We do this through design for manufacturing, assembly and operations.

We intend to continue developing further and continue to look for new innovations that fit within the strategy of VDL GL Precision.

VDL GL Precision's approach is to follow its customers' product roadmap.

The goal of every project is to proceed from the pre-prototype stage to volume production. VDL GL Precision stands out from the competition straight from the prototype stage (early supplier involvement). Much of the business then comes from the volume phase (industrialization).

With short turnaround times, high delivery reliability and flexibility, VDL GL Precision supports its customers at all stages of the roadmap to market.

Flexibility is seen internally, within VDL GL Precision, in the deployability of our skilled professionals. An external network of suppliers also increases the capacity for both in-house and outsourced production.

VDL strives for controlled growth, both financially and organizationally. We will never take risks that could potentially compromise the entire group.

We have a tremendously strong financial position. We are not too dependent on banks. We believe it is important to be able to continue making our own policy choices.