At VDL GL Precision everything revolves around the customer. So the organization is focused on providing the best possible service. Quality, logistics, technology and costs are therefore constantly scrutinized throughout the company.

The account manager is the customer's contact, looks after his interests and coordinates/organizes all activities within VDL GL Precision.

New projects are the responsibility of the New Product Introduction & Project Management department. This enables VDL GL Precision to work with the customer to develop products and ensure they will be manufacturable at scale.

What really sets the products apart is the high degree of complexity and precision. Modules are mainly mechanical and contain very high precision mechanical parts. For both fabrication and assembly, VDL GL Precision has practically all the necessary competences in-house!

VDL GL Precision specializes in the co-development and volume production of:

  • Linear motors
  • Air bearing technology
  • Opto-mechanical modules
  • Beam technology
  • Aerospace: flight-critical parts