Today's youth are our future!

VDL GL Precision is very active in encouraging schools to teach technology to arouse the enthusiasm of future professionals. Various events are supported and organized for this purpose. An important goal is to recruit young professionals and train them internally to a high level.

We want to do all we can to stimulate schools to teach about technology and careers in the field. To this end, we seek to support schools and students in carrying out projects.

In cooperation with Brainport Industries College, VDL GL Precision has traineeships (levels 2 to 4) where young professionals are trained by our own mentors.

After completing a pre-vocational secondary education (vmbo) or a programme at the ROC, you have a choice to make: start working or continue learning. You are the kind of person who loves variety. Standing around with your hands in your pockets is not your style; you know how to get things done. You can't wait to kick off your career. But you are thinking about your future too, and you know that with every diploma you earn, more doors will be open to you in the future. So maybe you should continue learning? What you really want is to do both... If you are also interested in technology, and would really like to work in the metal or mechatronics field, then you have found what you are looking for. Working and learning at the same time.
YES! You really can! VDL GL Precision offers you a varied training programme. Every day is different. After all, much of the learning is in the form of assignments you carry out as real world projects. Guided by experienced vocational trainers at the SUMMA College Eindhoven training centre and during the internship at VDL GL Precision you will become acquainted with the latest technologies and a wide variety of machines. At the same time, you will learn about all the various aspects of production. For the theory, you go to school at SUMMA College. For the practical training you work at VDL GL Precision under the supervision of a mentor. That way you learn while earning your first salary!
Each year VDL GL Precision seeks new students who aspire to craftsmanship.

There are also often openings for students who want to do their internship or final project at VDL GL Precision. Feel free to contact us to discuss whether there is a suitable assignment for you!


Ball Car project VMBO

In partnership with other local sector firms and SPOMM, GL Precision has an ongoing initiative in which pupils from regional secondary schools, accompanied by parents or teachers, take a field trip to GL Precision to make a part for a radio-controlled racing car, the Ball Car. With this part and the parts the students have made at the other companies, the Ball Car is then assembled at their own school under supervision.

Tech Event VDL GL Precision

Each year VDL GL Precision, in cooperation with Brainport Industries College, holds the Tech Event for a group of young, potential new professionals and their parents.

After a general introduction to tell about the company and the training and work programme (day-release training) at VDL GL Precision, the production managers take the young talents on an extended tour of our company. During the tour, the youth are given the opportunity to make a number of components themselves, which they can assemble at the end of the evening and take home as a souvenir: an opportunity to see for themselves what it's like to do this work! Each year we have the great pleasure of seeing many of our young visitors completely fascinated by the work; we practically have to tear them away from the machines.

GL Powerboat

Our enthusiastic young professionals-in-training thoroughly enjoyed working on this remote-controlled powerboat! They milled small parts for it and assembled the complete boat with the assistance of a powerboat expert. The first test run was a great success: the boat reached speeds of around 90 kilometres per hour! A great way to bring young people and technology together!