VDL GL Precision is active in four markets:

The products are characterized by high precision and extreme cleanliness requirements. Products are all cleaned to grade 1, 2 or 4 and are often assembled in our cleanrooms.

We produce various modules for the semiconductor industry:

  • Round and linear air bearings
  • Linear motors
  • Lens housings
  • Sensor suspensions
  • Water lenses
  • Process chambers
  • Balancing and alignment modules

VDL GL Precision specializes in the manufacture of flight-critical safety parts for the aerospace industry.

  • We produce body and structural parts for aircraft, gear housings for helicopters and mechanical parts for landing gear.
  • We produce mechanical parts used in satellites, for amplifiers and measuring equipment for example.

VDL GL Precision specializes in the co-development and manufacture of opto-mechanical modules and components. These are mainly housings for lenses and other optical prisms used in various applications and column parts for measuring microscopes.

This concerns mechanical parts and modules at the core of analytical equipment and various components found in scientific equipment in which beam technology often plays a role.