Machining operations

VDL GL Precision has state-of-the-art machinery that offers both versatility and precision, which means that the components are manufactured entirely in-house. Much of the production is automated, making 24-hour production possible, in some cases without any need for human supervision.

Because we do this all in-house and produce 24 hours a day, we are able to achieve short lead times.

VDL GL Precision's machinery is spread across five departments:

  • The milling shop, with 25 milling machines having capacities of up to 2600 mm.
  • The turning shop, with 15 lathes having capacities of up to Ø650 mm.
  • The surface and cylindrical grinding shop with 10 machines, capable of handling products up to approximately 1000 mm long.
  • The EDM department, with ten wire-cut and die-sink electrical discharge machining stations.
  • The machine shop, with lapping, honing, rotofinishing and deburring under microscopes. 

Practically everything can be done in-house, except surface treatments and tempering/annealing.