Elekta chooses VDL Groep as supplier of the year
Wil-jan Schutte (Managing director VDL ETG Eindhoven), Bo-Inge Stensson (Vice President – Procurement Elekta), Marileen Hesse (Senior Strategic Buyer Elekta), Jeroen Boekema (Managing director VDL Konings), Rob Honneff (Business Manager VDL ETG Eindhoven), Dennis van Opzeeland (Managing director VDL ETG Suzhou), Howard Peeters (Customer Support Manager VDL ETG Eindhoven), Wouter Achterberg (Account Manager VDL ETG Almelo).

Elekta chooses VDL Groep as supplier of the year

21 september 2018

This year, VDL has won a number of prestigious supply awards from leading customers. Recently, Elekta also expressed its appreciation of VDL’s quality, flexibility and approach to collaboration. During the recent global supplier day in London, VDL was selected for a special award recognising their contribution to Elekta’s progress with new and existing products.

Elekta is a global specialist in innovative medical equipment and software for the treatment of patients with cancer and brain diseases. Its collaboration with VDL Groep dates back to the mid nineteen-nineties. In recent years, the relationship between the two companies has intensified, with VDL becoming an important partner in the production of Elekta Unity and other radiation therapy equipment. Elekta Unity is the first high field magnetic resonance radiation therapy system that addresses a critical unmet need in cancer therapy. Now clinicians can confidently see and track the tumor and difficult-to-visualize soft tissue anatomies during treatment and adapt the treatment to optimize therapy. This enables personalized therapy for each patient and every treatment session. 

VDL produces a number of essential mechatronic assemblies for this new radiation therapy device, which are then delivered to hospitals throughout the world. VDL also supplies components for other Elekta equipment that is used to treat cancer and brain diseases. For example, it produces complex mechatronic assemblies for a radiation therapy device used in brachytherapy, and precise welded constructions for equipment used for radiotherapy.

With production locations in the Netherlands and abroad, VDL is able to supply Elekta products locally throughout the world. More than 125 employees in 11 VDL companies are involved in the development and production of complex mechatronic modules for Elekta equipment. Development and production activities for Elekta take place at VDL ETG Eindhoven, VDL ETG Almelo, VDL ETG Suzhou and VDL Konings. VDL Groep supplies to these companies are made by VDL MPC, VDL Wientjes, VDL Staalservice, VDL Technics, VDL NSA Metaal, VDL Industrial Modules and VDL Rotech.  

Investment in equipment, people and knowledge

Mark Rye-Weller, Strategic Category Director for Elekta: “Elekta is delighted with the support provided by VDL in developing and subsequently supplying key components for our major customers. VDL is prepared to invest in both equipment and expertise to ensure objectives are met or exceeded, where possible, and is demonstrably flexible and collaborative, enabling Elekta to achieve its customer requirements.”

A huge compliment

“It's a huge compliment to all of our employees and to VDL Groep as a whole for a respected partner like Elekta to grant us this supplier award as a sign of its appreciation of our high-quality expertise”, comments Wil-jan Schutte, the Director of VDL ETG Eindhoven. “Elekta’s mission - which is to use its position as a prominent innovator of medical equipment and software to help improve, extend and save the lives of people with cancer and brain diseases - is one that has become very close to VDL's heart.”